Assignment details: Each student should perform the experiment individually and submit an individual report. Students are required to collect data related to one of the hand or arm joints (finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder) by using a video feed and the Kinovea software ( Plots of range and speed of motion at various marker locations should be reported and critically discussed in the report, also in relation to kinematic and dynamic analysis covered in lectures. Please include screenshots taken from the video feed and make sure to not include your face in the video/screenshot to ensure a sufficient amount of privacy. Although there is no strict page limit, we expect the report to be about 6 pages in length.

Assignment hand-in requirements

The lab report should contain the following elements:

1. Brief introduction on human movement data collection and analysis: scope and challenges (10% of the mark);

2. A description of the experimental setup used to collect data (20% of the mark);

3. A section containing results from measurements of the chosen movement from a video feed (40% of the mark);

4. A discussion of the results obtained, including critical analysis of potential source of errors (30% of the mark).

Suggested reading 1. Kinovea webpage: 2.D.A. Winter, “Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement”, Wiley

The attachment: Here you can find an easy (although not extremely efficient) way of calculating time differences between frames in a spreadsheet created by Kinovea.

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