Complete 7 page Anatomy and Physiology Essay NO PLAGIARISM


1. It must be typed. Please type the paper single spaced first.

Once the paper is finished, you will then double-space on

standard size paper with 1” margins on all sides in 12 pt font (-

10 if the font and font size is incorrect). Times New Roman font

in black, not bold ink only (-10 if incorrect). The ink must be

clear; no faded ink will be accepted. No colored ink will be

accepted. Please single space the paper until it is complete and

then double space it to avoid extra spaces between paragraphs.

(-1 point for every extra space within or between paragraphs).

(-1 point for each spelling, grammar, and punctuation error).

No cut and pasted papers will be accepted. Failure to follow all

of these listed instructions will result in point deductions. Please

see rubric.

2. The research paper must include 7 pages. Page #1 should be

the title page which includes a labeled colored picture off a

computer of your topic or relating to it. This means that the

picture cannot be one that you have colored with crayons,

markers, colored pencils, highlighters, any other utensils, or

taped to piece of paper. Centered below your picture, include

your name, date, Bio 2113 or Bio 2114 and the instructor’s

name ex: (instructor: (colon) Mrs. Prince) Pages 2-6 should be

your research information that includes at least 2 cited sources

per page. You must cite your sources using parentheses with the

authors last name first, (coma) and then p. for the page number

the information was found on. Example: (Tortora & Derrickson,

p.216). (-1 if the coma is missing) (No credit will be awarded if

the citations are not in parentheses). No cited sources will result

in a grade of 0 out of 70 possible points. (Failure to cite your

sources means that your entire paper was all your work;

therefore, it is not a research paper! Please type the desired

information and then cite your source; however, do not cut or

copy and paste. Do not use any other methods, not even

according to Tortora & Derrickson.) If you have a sheet of

information (your source) that does not have a page number,

please number it as page one. In other words, please use the

authors last name, page #1 as your citation). You must use at

least 2 cited pieces of information from each of your 5 sources.

There must be a total of 10 cited sources throughout the paper.

Page 7 should be your work cited or reference page. The paper

should not exceed 7 pages.

3. Use APA format (only for work cited page /use APA reference in

text document located on angel). The research paper should not

be in APA or MLA format, it should be completed using these

instructions only.

4. The very first paragraph of the first page using no more than five

sentences should be a very interesting eye opening introduction

which includes no cited sources or statistics. There should be no

cited information located here. No credit will be awarded if you

cite any sources. It should be a great introduction using your

own words. You may tell a short story, tell a joke, or whatever

you think will interest the reader. The very last sentence of your

first paragraph or introduction, the first, not the second or third

paragraph should be your thesis statement that begins…This

paper will discuss only, (coma)……..I will not award points for

anything else such as I am going to discuss, I am going to talk

about, or My paper will discuss.( -1 point for every extra

sentence over five). This includes run on sentences that should

be two or more sentences after it has been corrected).

5. Using no more than five sentences in the last paragraph on the

last information page, (page 6) should begin…In conclusion,

(coma) only… and then you state your opinions, suggestions,

concerns, issues and so on. (-1if missing a coma). I will not

award points for anything else. (1 point for every extra

sentence over five). There should be no cited information

located here. No credit will be awarded if you cite any sources.

6. You must provide copies of all used articles and attach them to

your research paper. Be sure to highlight the used information

on your sources in order to show where the used information

came from in case I or any other reader needs to reference the

content. Please do not include pages that you have not

highlighted any information.

7. Students who attend lab or traditional class only: It must

be in a clear report folder. The report must be inside the prongs

for easy reading and grading. It should be like a book. I will not

take any papers out of anything such as page protectors in order

to grade it. No paper including references should not be in a

side pocket.(-5 for any papers in side pockets).

8. You must also include a copy of the research paper rubric and

the library assignment sheet that must be filled out completely

(the library stamp and signature of the librarian or staff). (5

points will be deducted if the rubric is missing and I have to add

it; however, No library assignment sheet will result in a

grade of zero even with a completely done report).

9. You must have at least 5 references which includes only one

internet source. I will only grade one internet source in the

research paper and on the reference page. When citing your

internet source throughout your research paper, it should be

typed or www. and the search engine you

used. No points will be rewarded if you are missing www. You

do not have to type the author’s last name and page number for

the one internet source that you are able to use twice. You may

use other online sources such as encyclopedias, books,

dictionaries, magazines, journals, articles, power points,

newspapers, lectures, videos, and atlas just to name a few. You

must use 5 different sources. I will only grade the first five

references on your reference page no matter how many you

have provided. It is ok you use additional resources to make

your paper 5 pages; however, the first five sources should be

used at least twice.

10. There should be no bullets, numbering, charts, graphs, or

diagrams throughout your paper (-1 point each time it is used).

Use paragraph format only.

11. Each page should be numbered using the complete title of

your paper which should be located at the top right corner as a

header along with the page number. Do not use acronyms,

short hand, abbreviations, or put your last or first name with the

year in the header. If your topic is Sudden Infant Death

Syndrome, the title page should be Sudden Infant Death

Syndrome 1 in the header and on page 2, Sudden Infant Death

Syndrome 2, and so on).. . There should be no extra spaces

between each paragraph or between the topic of your paper in

the right hand corner and a paragraph (-1 for every extra


12. Please place the content in the following order: cover

page, five pages of research, reference page, articles, library

form, and rubric (-5 if not in the correct order).

13. Please see your Projected Learning Schedule for the

due date and time. I WILL NOT ACCEPT A LATE PAPER.

You may submit your paper early if you are not going to be here.

Your paper will be -20 per day if your paper is late plus

you will not receive any extra points if any have been

rewarded to the other students.

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