Density lab experiment discussion, chemistry homework help

Discussion: In your discussion you should make a conclusion and then explain how your experimental results and observations support your conclusion. The points below should help you identify the information you have available from this experiment to support your conclusion. The discussion will be a brief summary of your results. The district attorney is very busy, so this needs to be limited to three pages. Use graphs and tables to present the information as efficiently as possible. Your report should include: a. A claim. Based upon the purpose of your experiment, what claim can you make using your experimental evidence? b. A table of your results. i. Density results from your standards, including averages, and % error. ii. Density results from your unknown sample, including average. iii. XY graph of density vs. salinity, with title, axis labels, properly formatted. c. Discussion of your results. i. Explain how your experiment results support your claims. Include numbers with units in your text. ii. Explain how your results with the known materials validate your procedure. iii. Explain discrepancies between expected and experimental results. d. Identify sources uncertainty and error in measurements. e. Supporting references that demonstrate the validity of your method.

Remember that this is not a complete lab report but just the discussion, which should explain the background, and then give the claim and support your claim with the necessary evidence. Remember that the scenario is that you are reporting to the district attorney about whether they should file charges or not. If I am the district attorney, I want to know what the significance of your results are. How do you know your experiment is a valid way to determine where the suspect was? How do I know that your experiment and your technique are accurate enough for me to believe your results? Don’t give me all your data, but pick out the parts that are most necessary to support your claim. also, it would be helpful for everyone to make a graph of density vs salinity for the 3 or 4 standards your group members prepared. this will help convince the district attorney that the two measurements are related.

#NOTE: I’ll send you the data base when the work assigned.

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