Easter Island

Considering everything we’ve covered this term about the environment, resource use, and global climate change (and everything else), are we heading toward being the next ‘Easter Island?’

You should approach this in two ways:
1. Look at what was said about the reasons for Easter Island (and other reasons for collapse given by Jared Diamond if you want) and compare the modern world to those issues.

2. Go through the topics of the textbook and consider if those issues will overtake our –global — ability to counteract them, prevent them, fix them, and so forth. So you’ll need to consider issues such as air pollution in Beijing as well as urban issues in Philadelphia.

What Can I Do?

3.List three specific things you can do to reduce your contribution to environmental issues. You can post them here, or in the discussion section. What ideas can you find that your classmates haven’t?

You might want to look at Carbon Foot Print (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for ideas, though calculating your own footprint includes a lot of data you might not have.

Be creative! The more interesting or unusual the idea the better!

(Though do stick to the realistic. You can’t, for example, individually convince to stop releasing coal dust/byproducts into the air near coal burning generators/factories.)

Method and Grading

Bullet points are fine, just make sure each one has explanation to support and explain it. How many? Certainly not fewer than 4 excellent/amazing supported points, and less than 10 poor supported points. You’ll like find around 7/8 the best range.

This is your informed opinion! I’m not looking for any particular answer. I’m looking for your ability to take the information/ideas you’ve learned this term, think about them critically, and form an informed analysis of the situation.

You can get 100% whatever you argue: whether it’s that we’re doomed, we might be in trouble, or we’re all fine. As long as you have good explanation to support your ideas, you’ll get credit for them.

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