food processing presentation

should develop and design a food product to market to consumers. should be your original idea.

– steps:

1. After developing your food product, please assigned your product a name that could be either trademarked or patent.

2. Describe how you came up with your product.

3. Describe each step on how your product will be processed and sold to potential consumers? What type of equipment would you need to purchase or invest in?

4. Describe your marketing plan. How will you market to your consumers? Who are your ideal consumers? What age group would you like to market your product to?

5. How would your product be sold? (i.e. grocery stores, on line, gyms, etcs)

6. How much would your product cost? (Please include the mark-up cost, as well) You may have to conduct research on mark-up cost.

7. Describe your packaging and shipping procedures

8. Describe your protocol for potentials recalls on your product, if any.

9. Describe how would you get and respond to consumer feedback about your product?

Your product should be presented using a MS. Power Point Presentation.

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