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In July 2016, in Dallas Texas there was a shooting that occurred where 5 police officers were killed in a way that was to be as a payback for all of the recent black people dying at the hands of police officers over the last couple of months. This shooting occurred during what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration but that was not how it ended. “ the heavily armed sniper who gunned down officers in downtown Dallas, leaving five of them dead specifically set out to kill as many white officers as he could, he was a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan and he kept an arsenal in his home that included bomb making materials” ( Fernandez, Pena & Bromwich). This senseless crime left a community mourning and a nation in shock.

One Short Term effect for those that survived is that they will have to heal and take the time that they need to move on, for there families there will always be a whole in their family’s one that cannot be replaced. It is a hard pill to swallow losing a loved one but watching them get shot on national TV is another thing altogether. Another short term effect which could be lead to a long term effect is that is drives an even bigger wrench in a country that is already divided on the subject.  Among the 5 officers that died there were 9 other officers that were injured and now have to be rehabilitated in order to move on with their lives.

The community will never be the same, a short term and a long term effect on the community would be that they remain divided, and they now have to live in fear not only from retribution but from something like this happening again. “ The sequence of events this week provoked anger and despair dealing blows both to law enforcement and to peaceful critics of the police, who have fended off claims that the outcry over police shootings formants violence and puts officers lives in danger” ( Fernandez, Pena & Bromwich).

Fernandez, Pena, and Bromwich (2016)  Five dallas Officers were killed as Payback police chief says retrieved from

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least one reference…..

·  Ask a probing question.

·  Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.

·  Offer and support an opinion.

·  Validate an idea with your own experience.

·  Make a suggestion.

·  Expand on your colleague’s posting.

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