General Chemistry Chapter 3 and 4 multiple questions.

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1. How many moles are in 3.01×1023 atoms of Rb?

2. How many atoms are in 54.0 g of Al?

3. Determine the mass (g) of 0.120 mol of C6H12O6.

4. Determine the percent of C in Na2C2O4.

5. Determine the empirical formula for a compound composed of 34.6 % C, 3.9 % H, and 61.5 % O.

6. A compound composed of 41.39% C, 3.47% H, and 55.14% O. The molar mass of the compound is 116.07 g/mol. What is the molecular formula of the compound?

7. Given the balanced equation:

2Al + 3H2SO4 –> Al2(SO4)3 + 3H2

How many grams of H2 are formed from 0.234 g of H2SO4?

8. Given the following balanced equation:

2KBr + Cl2 –> 2KCl + Br2

When 0.855 g of Cl2 and 3.205 g of KBr react,

a. Determine the limiting reactant.

b. How many grams of Br2 are formed?

c. How many grams of the excess reactant are needed for the reaction?

d. How many grams of the excess reactant will remain at the end of the reaction?

e. If 1.67 g of Br2 are made in the reaction, what is the percent yield of Br2?

Chapter 4:

1. Calculate the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.37 g of Co(NO3)2 to make 24.9 mL of solution.

2. Assign oxidation numbers to all atoms in the following:

a. HNO3 b. Cr2O72-

3. Given Ag + PtCl2 –> AgCl + Pt

a. What is reduced?

b. What is oxidized?

c. What is the reducing agent?

d. What is the oxidizing agent?

4. How many grams of MgBr2 are required to prepare a 250. mL solution with a concentration of 2.16 M?

5. 2Na3PO4 + 3Pb(NO3)2 –> 6NaNO3 + Pb3(PO4)2

What volume (mL) of a 0.100 M Na3PO4 is required to react with 150.0 mL of a 0.250 M Pb(NO3)2 solution?

6. Given BaCl2(aq) + Na2SO4(aq) –>

a. Write the molecular equation.

b. Write the total ionic equation.

c. Write the net-ionic equation.

d. Identify the spectator ion(s).

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