Is Agrarianism Livable? , science homework help

Is Agrarianism Livable? Just need to answer the questions hypothetically. Does not need to be a long drawn out essay type.

Is the agrarian solution realistic? How could a modern person (i.e., someone who lives in a city, uses modern technology, works in the global economy, etc.) adapt agrarian principles to fit their way of life? Explain your view of whether the “eco-nuns” discussed by Taylor have been successful in making an agrarian ethic relevant to modern life? How might one’s choices to live sustainably be considered a “spiritual discipline”? Explain two or more environmentally responsible practices that you would like to incorporate in your own life and the concrete ways that you will attempt to do these things.

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    (This article defines agrarianism and discusses the history of the concept.)
  2. Walbert, D. (2008). The eightfold agrarian way. The New Agrarian. Retrieved from…
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