Managing a Quality Improvement Initiative

In this assignment, you will take on the role of Quality Improvement Manager at Rasmussen Hospital. You have learned that there may be an increase in the number of patients with a nosocomial infection and the hospital would like to the rates to stay below 2%.

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has provided you with the Quality Improvement Initiative Worksheet below. The worksheet contains 2 years of data regarding Patient Infections and Discharges as well as detailed instructions for each of the parts highlighted below:

  • Part 1: Compute the monthly nosocomial infection rates and provide two bar graphs depicting the infection rate for each month for the past 2 years. Then analyze the graphs and indicate data trends.
  • Part 2: Explain which hospital employees should be on the Performance Improvement (PI) Team.
  • Part 3: Address teamwork issues on the Performance Improvement (PI) Team.

Download the Quality Improvement Initiative Worksheet, complete the 3 parts, then save your completed worksheet.

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