Need 7 questions 150 words per question

1. How would you define quality of care and how would it be identified? What methodologies can be used to support how quality health care should be defined?

2. If the IOM’s estimate and conclusions are correct, what does this say about the “quality” of care provided in the US?

3. What role will you, as an individual health care consumer and health professional, play in the future development and revision of health care policy?

4. As health care professionals, regardless of the position we hold, why is it important to be an advocate for the patient? What are the benefits can we derive from taking on such a role?

5. What are some of the obstacles that have prevented you from acting as a patient advocate? In what situations are we likely to find obstacles associated with changing health care settings and health systems?

6. How will society, through health care policy, deal with future issues such as cloning, genome mapping, and end-of-life issues?

7. What is the likely outcome in health care if we as a society choose not to address some of these issues?

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