Need Help With My Power Point Presentation for my CS 204 Class

Social and behavioral intelligence is crucial to presenting yourself as a professional and collaborating successfully with your peers and supervisors. In Units 1 and 2 you explored and learned about what defines a professional presence. You reflected on your own current professional image and where growth and change would strengthen it.In this Assignment you will create a standard PowerPoint presentation representing yourself as a professional. Be sure to reflect on what you have learned thus far in the course as you complete this Assignment. Instructions for creating a PowerPoint are listed in the Unit 3 Learning Activities.Instructions:Your PowerPoint presentation should include a total of 5 slides using the following format:Slide 1: Cover page that includes your name, course, section number, date, and the Assignment title.Slide 2: Introduction – who you are and your chosen professional field.Slide 3: A brief overview of how you perceive yourself professionally. You may include a photo.Slide 4: A description of attributes which contribute to professionalism in your chosen field such as professional attire, communication, and behavior.Slide 5: Cite all sources you have used, E. (2011). Professional tune-up: Part one. The Enterprise, 40(32), 12.Hosking, R. (2009). Career ladder. OfficePro, 69(8), 5-5.Read about how various companies are handling policies regarding things such as body piercings, tattoos, etc.Przybys, J. (2009, November 29). All about image: Company dress codes expand to consider body piercings, tattoos: Policies reflect corporate cultures which vary by company, region. Las Vegas Review-Journal.Read about the significance of online etiquette.Hardy, J. (2012). Netiquette: It’s a job skill. Business in Calgary, 22(9), 26-31.Read about the importance of communication and body language when considering individuals for promotion.Goudreau, J. (2012). Is your body language costing you a promotion?. Forbes.Com, 50.

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