NUR204 FORTIS Week 7 Assignment Nursing Leadership Styles

Speaking of our first paper, here are a few pointers:

Go to the online library (link is in the resources) and pick a current journal article on nursing leadership styles. The article must be from a professional, peer-reviewed nursing journal published within the last 5 years. DO NOT USE A WEBSITE!!!

Write a 1-2 page summary of your findings following the criteria below:

First paragraph: summarize the major points of the article.

Second paragraph: answer whether you support the leadership style, and why or why not.

Final paragraph: discuss the article as it relates to nursing practice.Use at least one additional outside source, such as your textbook.

The summary should be written in APA style format and all sources must be cited correctly.

Next, submit your papers to Smarthinking!!! Link to submit to the online tutoring is under the Tutoring link!They can be very helpful in giving feedback for your papers.Make sure to leave yourself 24-48 hours to receive the paper back from them before you have to turn it in on Blackboard.

APA format:Includes a title page and reference page as well as the 1-2 pages of writing.I have included a link to Purdue OWL’s website (great resource for APA formatting) and a link to a sample APA formatted paper.The paper is a word document, so you are welcome to use it as a template.

Last:Follow the rubric!! Make sure you have completed everything on the rubric and you will be successful!…

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