one page essay what is industrial engineering

“What is Industrial Engineering?” Essay
Assignment Summary:

Your assignment is to write a single-page essay about “What is Industrial Engineering?” It must be word- processed, single-spaced, and a full one page (no more, no less). Also, you must have a margin size of 1 inch on all sides (i.e., where the top, left and rights sides are even) of your submitted assignment. Occasionally, your article may not fully reach the bottom margin due to the writing of your essay; thus, if this occurs, you must notleave more than a 1.5” margin at the bottom in any case. If necessary, write a longer essay! Font size must be 12 pt and the font type should be Times New Roman for this assignment.

The entire essay must be composed of three paragraphs (again, no more, no less) and these should discuss the following information:

  •  (Paragraph 1) What is engineering? What is industrial engineering (IE)? What’s involved in the field of IE? What educational background is needed for IE?
  •  (Paragraph 2) What are the various disciplines involved with industrial engineering? What work can you do in the field? Why is it an important field? What kind of careers can one have in IE?
  •  (Paragraph 3) Why are you interested in industrial engineering? What motivated you to study IE? What goals do you have for your career in IE? What do you hope to accomplish once you graduate?To assist you in completing this assignment, you may use 1-2 references/sources. These can be journal articles, webpages, books, etc. At the top of the second page, please write the following information:Name: John Davis Class: IEGR 204.001 Date: 2/12/18 Assignment: IE EssayNext, a proper bibliographic reference MUST appear next (under your information) on this second
    page. Although many reference styles exist, the only style that will be accepted in this class is the APA-style as shown demonstrated on the next page.


APA formatting:

First Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial., & Second Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial.(year of publication). Title of the article with only the first letter of the first word in title or sub-title as well as proper nouns and acronyms are capitalized. Name of Journal in Italics, volume in italics (issue number in parenthesis and not in italics if known), first page number-last page number.

APA Example:
Pitts, Jr., R.A., & Ventura, J.A. (2009). Scheduling manufacturing cells using Tabu Search. International Journal

of Production Research, 47(24), 6907-6928.

Additional formatting can be found at the Purdue OWL website at and click the appropriate “Reference List” item on theleft column for the type of source you are using. Be sure that this is done EXACTLY as shown, or you will lose points for a missing comma or period… or even if you forget to italicize the periodical or book title, etc. Formatting is a very important element when putting together your write-up in research.


  •  Remember to be sure your Bear Necessity Card (BNC) is activated at the library if doing any off-campus searching! Simply ask the person at the front desk to activate your number on the back of your card so that you may have access to do off-campus research.

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