Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, biology homework help

Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Frankly, I am fascinated by the myriad ways humankind has attempted to make sense of baffling and debilitating disease states.  What strikes me most is how these purposeful endeavors to understand unusual behaviors or illnesses are captured in literature!

This unit will explore the phenomena that led to the creation of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. If you have not read either story, quickly peruse the internet to get a brief introduction to the literature. Even a 3-min .mov clip is enough context to give you a basis for exploring two intriguing pathologies or mental illnesses. By Friday of next week, you will be expected to construct a  150 to 200-word response post in which you identify a real-life case of a sufferer of one of these syndromes. Additionally, you along with you peers will explore plausible cures for Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland syndromes based on your understanding of telomerase, hormones, and perception. If you are so inclined, use the proposed cure to construct the happily ever ending for either story focused on the syndrome to which you have been assigned. Please make certain to use the rubric created for this assignment to ensure that you have met all of the objectives. 

NYC – Central Park: Alice in Wonderland – Mad HatterPeter Pan Statue Detail 2

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