Sentinel City Community Health in Nursing

Within the Sentinel City simulation, you need to visit 12 locations within the areas of the city. Use the camera located in Sentinel City to take a picture of each location and label the picture with the location title. You may want to add any of your observations to the label for easy reference. When you take pictures, the simulation website will automatically create a PDF report. Mouse over the bottom of your saved image for the icon with the downward-pointing arrow:

Figure 6.2

Clicking this icon will save the report to your desktop. Save the file so you can submit it as an assessment task in Taskstream at the end of the course. When you visit the Family Support and Apartment Assessments page, you can either submit your work directly, or download your work as a PDF and submit.

Here are the locations you are required to visit and take pictures of:

  • Interfaith Church of Sentinel City
  • Better Health Clinic
  • Sentinel City Department of Transportation
  • Sentinel City School District
  • ABC Daycare
  • Sentinel City Affordable Housing Project
  • City Hall
  • Radio BUZZ 96.5FM
  • Sentinel City Healthcare System
  • Lilly’s
  • Joe’s Grocery
  • Sentinel City Department of Parks and Recreation

Learn and Reflect

Reflecting on your learning has been proven to enhance your ability to learn, remember and successfully apply what you’ve learned in your future clinical setting. Take a few moments and respond to the following in your learning journal:

  • Describe your experience working in a simulated environment. Challenges? Issues?
  • What have you learned in Sentinel City that will contribute to your community assessment strategies in the future?
  • Write a summary of this unit in your own words listing the most critical things you’ve learned.
  • Describe an ‘aha’ moment….
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