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I would like this on Community Health Systems as the Health Care Organization

Instructions –

Corporate leaders use SWOT analysis to assess its internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) environments (See Chapter 3 of your text for a description of a SWOT Analysis). This analysis is a very important aspect of strategic planning and so I would like to you gain some experience in doing one.

  • All health care organizations have various committees, teams, and group projects. Your group project in this course is the development of a SWOT Analysis for a publicly traded health care or human service organization. Having a group of individuals, often coming from different perspectives, looking at the same task can be an enlightening and valuable activity.Decisions are being made on this information. The higher the quality and the broader the diversity of that information usually leads to better decision-making. It is for this reason that I am asking you to work as a group to conduct a more comprehensive SWOT analysis on your chosen company.
    • For this particular project, each team will research a well-established health care organization (HCO). The selected HCO must be a publicly-traded corporation.
    • The following instructions describe 1) how the group process will function, 2) the content of the group project, and 3) the grading process.

    1. The Group Process

    Ideally, you will work in groups of four on this project. I will assign groups in the first Module of class. Depending on the number of students in the class, some groups may have fewer members (3-4 students). Group members will work collaboratively on this assignment throughout the course. One final project will be submitted by a group member during Module 6. Each group member will also evaluate each member’s contribution to the project.Once assigned, your groups will complete of the following steps:

    1. Random groups will be formed, choose a leader, and have the group leader post in the Group Formation Discussion Forum the name of all the group members AND the organization that you chose for the group with a title “Final Group”. You should only have access to one group forum each, and this task must be completed by Sunday at Midnight EST of Module 2.
    2. Use the SWOT Analysis Assignment instructions below to complete the assigned tasks.
    3. Post weekly to the individual group project discussion board of your progress and any questions/comments you might have.
    4. No later than Module 5, individual team members submit a draft of your part of the SWOT analysis to the Individual group project discussion board so that the other members are able to see the progress.
    5. No later than Thursday of Module 6, individual team members submit their final documents to the individual group discussion board.
    6. The Group Leader, with the help of the other group members, will pull the information into one document and send out to the rest of the team for review no later than Saturday night of Module 6.
    7. The group leader must submit the completed SWOT no later than Midnight EST, Sunday Module 6. No other members should submit the project.

    2. The SWOT Analysis Assignment

    Using the Publicly-traded HCO’s annual report (10-K report can be found online through the company’s web site) your team must complete the following assignment.Each team must create and submit one APA-formatted document that includes:

    1. APA-formatted title page – All team members must be listed vertically in alphabetical order (by last name). The document must have a running head and all pages must be numbered. Please submit document in Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12, following guidelines for HSA writing. Use Level 1 heading for each section of the paper (e.g., strengths, weaknesses, etc.).
    2. Provide one page dedicated to the strengths of the organization in paragraph form.
    3. Submit one page dedicated to the weaknesses of the organization in paragraph form.
    4. Provide one page dedicated to the opportunities available (nationally and/or internationally) to the organization in paragraph form.
    5. Submit one page dedicated to the threats of the organization in paragraph form.
    6. Using supporting evidence, discuss your team’s viewpoint as to what strategic steps the organization can take to improve production, customer service, or any aspect you see as important to the organization’s ultimate success (1-2 pages) in paragraph form.
    7. On the final page of the document, deliver a well-worded strong conclusion in paragraph form.
    8. Nowhere in the paper should there be numbered lists.
    9. Submit an APA-formatted References page.
    10. The paper needs to be in the correct order with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, strategic plan and conclusion.
    11. Figures, tables, or graphs may be used if relevant to the topic being discussed. If used, their presentation should conform to APA format.

    Final Team Project Grading

    The Final Team Project will be graded in two parts according to the Peer and Self Evaluation Formand the Instructor Grading Rubric.

    1. All team members will receive the same grade for the submitted document.
      1. EXCEPTION: If a determination is made that a team member contributed minimally to the completion of the project, that particular team member’s project grade may be reduced.
      2. Plagiarism: All documents will be checked for plagiarism. In the event plagiarism is determined to have occurred, all team members may receive a ZERO for the assignment.
    2. All students will complete an evaluation of the group activities conducted by the other group members and themselves.
    • Each team must submit the project before midnight ET Sunday of Module 6.
    • Save as a Word document titled HSA4140_fp_teamnumber. Example: HSA4140_fp_teamx.
    • Please submit only one paper per team.
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