Texas Drought Paper

In the summer of 2011, Texas faced the worst drought in modern history. This natural disaster caused widespread destruction and collateral damage brought about by forces other than the acts of human beings. Livestock and agricultural losses were at $5.2 billion and were expected to rise. Wildfires ran rampant and torched more than 3.4 million acres. The river systems slowed to a trickle and are at an all-time low. Select one of these areas to concentrate your research.Based on your research about the 2011 catastrophic Texas drought, write a 5-8 page double spaced paper explaining what lessons could have been learned from previous droughts and was Texas prepared for this tragic event.  Focus on these questions:1.) Using the 2011 Texas drought, define and discuss the roles of preparedness, mitigation, protection, response, and recovery.a. What is the importance of disaster preparedness?b. What factors led to the drought?  What could have been done to mitigate its effect?c. What can be done to protect businesses and residents from another drought?  What can businesses do to help in these efforts?d. What responses did Texas make to the drought?  How effective were those responses?2.) How well prepared is Texas for another drought?Parameters:  Write a 5-6 page paper in APA (6th ed.) format with a least 7 sources.  Be sure to cite and reference your sources of information in APA format.

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