UMUC How to Create a Medical Pamphlet for The Sarcoidosis Disease Paper

Sarcoidosis Disease Pamphlet


  • Develop a reference list and outline about the Sarcoidosis disease. The outline should include the list of required elements to sketch out some of the facts about the disease
  • Create an informative pamphlet about the Sarcoidosis disease for a non-scientific community. Ideally, the pamphlet should be in the form of a tri-fold six-page pamphlet


  • The pamphlet should contain the following:
  • Content and language that targets a lay audience. All terms should be explained and diagrams and graphics should be provided to clarify concepts and ideas.
  • A brief description of the disease, including its symptoms and signs
  • Explanation of the effects of the disease on healthy body function including cellular, tissue, organ and organ system levels
  • Risk factors contributing to the onset of the disease
  • Description of preventive steps to avoid the disease (if avoidable)
  • Available diagnostic and therapeutic tools
  • Outcomes of the disease (such as prognosis or recovery potential)
  • Information about how a person suffering from the disease can maintain a desirable quality of life, minimize or slow the progress of the disease
  • Five reference citations included in APA format (part of the tri-fold). The references cited should be no older than seven years (published 2012 – 2019).

Pamphlet should contain the following required elements:

  • Introductory paragraph describing your subject and its importance
  • Body of the pamphlet
    • Addresses signs, symptoms
    • Explains effects of the disease on healthy body functions, and relates this to signs and symptoms
    • Analyzes risk factors and preventive steps
    • Describes maintenance of quality of life
    • Discusses diagnostic and therapeutic tools
    • Explains expected outcomes and prognosis
    • Describes current areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure
    • Describes possible future areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure
  • References
  • Conclusion – summary of your findings

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