According to Jim Leach, “the device that most overtly breaks the narrative flow” in Double Happiness is “direct address to the camera” (128).

According to Jim Leach, “the device that most overtly breaks the narrative flow” in Double Happiness is “direct address to the camera” (128). For this essay topic, argue why Mina Shum would use this device for this film. You must support your argument with at least two reasons, and Jim Leach’s book chapter, “Possible Worlds: Diasporic Cinema in Canada.” Begin by implementing the feedback I provided on your essay proposal. If instructed to make improvements to your Title and/or thesis statement, then please implement that feedback! Consider visiting the WLCLinks to an external site. for help perfecting your thesis especially because you will state it again in this essay.

This essay will expand on the argument presented in your thesis statement. You must present evidence and examples from the film and course reading identified by your chosen topic to illustrate and support your argument; you may also use any other permitted course materials listed on your essay proposal’s Works Cited page to support your argument.

Organize your ideas into paragraphs:

  • an introduction (including your thesis statement)
  • 2-3 body paragraphs
  • a conclusion

More tips for how to write an essay will be provided in lecture slides!

Proper use of “quotation marks” and in-text citations (including time ranges) following MLA style links to an external site. are required, as well as a Works Cited page (fix any mistakes I pointed out in Assignment #2).

WARNING: As per college policy, insufficient citations is considered PLAGIARISM; essays that neglect to provide proper citations according to MLA style will receive 0 and an Academic Alert.