Computerized accounting in the cloud chapter 3 waren sports supply as the company in the Microsoft dynamics gp drop down menu

a. what is the credit limit for the customer university of Sothern Iowa?

b. what is the street address for the employee Jim Adams?

c. when was the fixed asset “inventory handling system” acquired and what was the acquisition cost of that cost?

d. why do you believe there is no address or credit limit for the customer CASHCUSTOMER?

Q.3-2. fabrikam

a. What is the account number for the debit to terms discount taken for a sale to the customer continental properties?

b. attempt to delete the customer leisure & travel consultants. What is the message on the screen when you attempt to delete it?

c. why do you believe the control preventing you from deleting this customer exists?

d. explain why it is important to be sure you want to delete any account before you do so.

e. how many general ledger cash accounts does fabrikam have that are dedicated to specific countries?

f. what is the commission rate for the salesperson , Nancy Buchanan? How much did she earn in commission in February 2017?

Q.3-3. what document is the person processing sales transactions entries likely to use to obtain the customer name, product, products shipped, and quantity shipped?

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