Help needed asap please

-Assess the people, organization, and technology issues for using social media to engage with customers.

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media for advertising, brand building, market research, and customer service?

-Give some examples of management decisions that were facilitated by using social media to interact with customers.

-Should all companies use Facebook and Twitter for customer service and marketing? Why or why not? What kinds of companies are best suited to use these platforms?

-How do enterprise systems help businesses achieve operational excellence?

(i.e., (a) Define an enterprise system and (b) Explain how enterprise software works.)

– What are the challenges posed by enterprise applications? (i.e., List and describe the challenges posed by enterprise applications.)

-How do customer relationship management systems help firms achieve customer intimacy? [i.e.,

(a) Define customer relationship management and explain why customer relationships are so important today.

(b) Describe how partner relationship management (PRM) and employee relationship management (ERM) are related to customer relationship management (CRM)?

(c) Describe the tools and capabilities of customer relationship management software for sales, marketing, and customer service.

(d) Distinguish between operational and analytical CRM.]

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