Knowledge Management

This assignment will assess the competency 7. Specify the use of more specialized information systems, such as AI, expert systems and VR technology.


Read the INFORMATION SYSTEMS@WORK case for Chapter 7 in your text titled “Knowledge Management Improves Customer Support at Canon”. In a 1-2 page paper answer these questions:

• How could making a searchable knowledge management system accessible to Canon’s customers online affect CITS’s call volume and customer satisfaction?

• How would the need for a system such as KDS change if each of Canon’s product lines (including cameras and printers) was sold by a different company?

This assignment needs to have the following:

• A cover page (includes student’s name, date, class title, and assignment title)

• Paper needs to be 1-2 pages (minimum 1 full page), 12 point font, double spaced, and writing is grammatically correct

• A reference page (If you are referencing information from a textbook or other source, then an APA formatted citation and reference page are necessary)