Grandfield College

Unit I Course Project

Text book: Hands-on Database by Steve Conger

For this assignment, choose one of the first three scenarios from the end of Chapter 1 (on pages

17-18): “Wild Wood Apartments,” “Vince’s Vinyl,” or “Grandfield College.” You will work on the

scenario you choose throughout the course. Do NOT choose the scenario titles “Westlake Research

Hospital” as this will act as an example throughout this course, beginning in Unit II.


1. Read your assigned scenario on page 17 or 18.

2. Review the “Deliverables” section below.

3. Review the “Suggestions for Scenarios” section on page 19 of your textbook.

4. Review “The Statement of Work” on pages 13-15. Use this as a model for your own statement of


5. When you have completed all of the deliverables, you should compress the files together into

a single .zip file for upload. Contact your instructor if you have any questions.

6. You will begin submitting theses items in Unit II.


1. Major Topics: List the major topics for this database.

2. Statement of Work: Write a draft statement of work. Include a brief history, a statement of

scope, objectives, and a preliminary timeline.

3. Documentation: Start an electronic notebook to record your progress with the scenario

database. Add the statement of work and any notes to the notebook. Submit this notebook for

grading beginning in Unit II.

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