IFSM 201, Databases

1) If you need to determine impacts on revenue resulting from an increase or decrease in prices and/or sales, the best option to use is a

A. Database

B. Spreadsheet

2)True or false? The primary financial impact of a robust CRM system results from retaining current customers versus obtaining new customers.

A. True

B. False

3)True or false? A data warehouse will typically contain the history of all previous interactions with specific users (including product use and transactions), but rarely includes other types of data.


B. False

4) An e-mail message to all the members of your department asks each person to reply to the sender with data on his or her recent sales figures. This is data that is normally not shared with others in the department. You accidentally hit the Reply All button instead of replying to just the sender. Which of the following best describes the data issue at play in this situation?

  1.  Accidental data loss
  2.  Intentional data loss
  3.  Accidental data leak
  4.  Intentional data leakage

5) Alejandra is using a flash drive that a friend gave to her to copy some financial records from the company database so she can complete a department presentation at home. She does not realize that the flash drive is infected with a virus that enables a malicious hacker to take control of her computer. This is a potential –threatvulnerability to the confidentiality of the data in the files.

A. Threat

B. Vulnerability

6)True or false? Tables are composed of fields, and fields are composed of records.

A. True

B. False

7)What are procedures that help keep a database current?

  1.  Database query procedures
  2.  Report generation procedures
  3.  File maintenance procedures
  4.  Data entry procedures

8)You have voluntarily resigned from your company where you were the database administrator. But you find that you still have access to the databases six months after leaving the company. Which threat best describes this database breach?

  1.  Unprotected personal hardware collection
  2.  Exploiting weaknesses in an operating system or network
  3.  Weak authentication
  4.  Accidental breach resulting from incorrect (but not malicious) usage

9)A large travel agency has a customer service group that monitors its Facebook page on a 24/7 basis and responds immediately to posts about operational problems. Which of the following best describes the component of CRM in play here?

  1.  Mining the social media inputs
  2.  Keeping valuable staff
  3.  Cleaning up the data
  4.  Privacy

10)You want to change your cell phone plan and call the company to discuss options. This is a typical example of CRM that focuses on

A. loyalty programs for current customers

B.Customers service and support

C.profitabilty for the company

D. Acquisition of new customers

11)Which of the following would be an example of a loss of record integrity within a database?

  1.  You are denied a new credit card because the credit card company checked your credit score and found that it did not meet its minimum standards for new accounts. Your credit report does not show any invalid records.
  2.  A faculty member posts the full names and final grades on the main page of the class’s website.
  3.  Your bank statement is not reflecting a refund that you know was deposited in your account last week (your account balance does reflect the refund).
  4.  Your online banking site tells you your password has expired and requests that you submit a new one to access your accounts.

12)When you sign on to your favorite social media website, a number of sponsored ads appear on your home page. Which category of social media advertising does this represent?

  1.  Sending ads to a person’s network of friends
  2.  Direct advertising
  3.  Using the company’s own social networking site
  4.  Viral marketing
  5.  Increasing brand awareness through groups or fans

13) True or false? Not all of the top database breaches in 2013 involved U.S. companies.

  1.  True
  2.  False

14) True or false? Risk assessment should cover personnel, as well as technical support such as firewalls, secure operating systems and networks, and antivirus protection.

  1.  True
  2.  False

15) Which of the following database model choices would be best for storing video clips organized by various vacations you have taken?

  1.  Flat-file
  2.  Object-oriented
  3.  Hierarchical
  4.  Network

16) True or false? You do not like the fact that your computer “times out” after 10 minutes of non-use and goes into a hibernation state (blank screen). You set the timeout period to 1 hour and allow it to activate without reentering a password. This would be considered a good practice for safeguarding your personally identifiable information.

  1.  True
  2.  False

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