Scenario Analysis

This assignment will assess Competency 4. Examine gender and family related discrimination within the workplace.

Analyze the five scenarios listed below using the law you have learned thus far. Each analysis should be no less than 150 words in length and follow these guidelines:

  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point Times font
  • One inch margins
  • APA format (Title page, Citations, Reference page)
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation


  1. A female restaurant employee is on the phone in the kitchen talking to her mother. The chef of the restaurant comes up to the employee, throws off his chef’s hat, grabs both the employee’s arms and begins shaking her violently and screaming at her. She reports this to the police. She is later terminated and sues for gender discrimination. Will she win? Why or why not?
  2. A female police officer becomes pregnant and after a scuffle with an arrestee, is told by her doctor to request a light-duty assignment. The police department says it has no such positions available and that the officer must take leave until she can return to full duty, which ends up being from September to June. The female cites two male officers who were injured and did not stop working. Is this discrimination?
  3. During an interview, an employer asked a female applicant questions such as whether she has children, what her child care responsibilities are, and how her family feels about her weekly commute between the business’s headquarters in Virginia and the family home in New York. The employer also asked the applicant “how her husband handled the fact that [she] was away from home so much, not caring for the family” and said he had “a very difficult time” understanding why any man would allow his wife to live away from home during the workweek. Is this employer’s line of questioning a violation of Title VII?  Explain.
  4. An employer uses the “f***” word frequently in the workplace. About a vendor who is always confused, he states to an employee that he bets that as a baby this man “probably didn’t know which tit to suck”; in discussing a motorcycle seat, he cups his hands and says he would be “glad to fit employee’s ass for the right size seat.” Is this likely to be successful as a sexual harassment suit?
  5. Two employees, Marge and Ben, are having a relationship that later turns sour. When Marge does not get the promotion she goes up for, she sues the employer for sexual harassment, alleging it was committed by her ex-boyfriend Ben, who has left Marge alone since their breakup. Will Marge win her suit?

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