IT205 New System Proposal Presentation Power Point – Riordan Manufacturing

I need this assignment to be new work can not have any copied or plagirized work. It has to be a top notch assignemnt. Its my final assighemnt for an IT course. I have attached a previous assignemnt we had due a few weeks ago. The comments I got were – Topics: + A diagram of the information flow and any elements controlling proper access to the information it uses: 0/10 – There is no diagram explaining this in the presentation + A description of any proposed business process changes for the system along with flow diagrams: 10/10 + A specific discussion on any Internet and mobile access components of the system: 3/10 – You allude to mobile access to the system, but again, there is no specific discussion here.

So I need someone to take the attached assignment and improve on it. Can someone help?


New System Proposal Presentation

Finalize work on the Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation, updating it with new information based on all previous feedback. Include 10 to 12 slides with speaker notes.

·         A high-level discussion of how the system should be acquired and maintained

·         A discussion of the strategic role the system will play in the company

·         An executive summary of the project, succinctly summarizing the rest of the material in the paper

·         Four to six references

Present the completed presentation.