need 2 original work. chose 1 of the 3 of each set . write a 400 word essay please need by friday at 10am please write as if the student i really need an A on this paper thanks

Write an (>400 word) essay answering one of the following questions. 

1. In what ways are physician’s perspectives of illness different from that of the patient they are treating?

2. What are the reasons for cultural similarities or differences in of patients’ own narratives of their illness and misfortune?

3. What are the cultural differences among children’s perception of their own illnesses?

 1. When defining the patient’s gender as either “male” or female”, which of the following elements define the person: genetic gender, somatic gender, psychological gender, social gender?

2. Which aspects of the patient’s life can be considered to be medicalized?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages for the patient of delivery by an obstetrics or by a traditional birth attendant?

please use same grading rubic  that i sent to you for these discussion  if use me to resend please let me know. thanks