Information Systems and Technology- Important notes in red

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Prepare: For this discussion, you are required to read Chapter 7 of Making Strategy Count in the Human Services Sector and select a minimum of one scholarly article from the Ashford library that examines information systems issues within the health and human services field (e.g., ethics, limitations related to use, employee training, data quality, etc.)  The HealthIT, HUD, and Child Welfare Information Gateway websites are good recommended resources to refer to; they may be used, but do not replace your required scholarly article.

Reflect: Information systems play a vital role in the collection of pertinent data within human service organizations. In this second discussion forum for the week, you will choose one of five case examples that illustrates the use of information systems and scrutinize its application. Think about the issues and considerations related to the application of information systems addressed in the readings.

Write: After selecting one of the five information systems case examples identified in pages 142-146 of the textbook, critically assess the role of the Public Health Management Corporation in your selected scenario, taking into account factors impacting its successful development of information systems and how the use of technology is applied in the delivery of human services. Then, using your required scholarly resource, you will identify and explain a minimum of three issues for consideration  (e.g., ethical challenges, financial considerations, employee training, quality improvement, etc.) that human service organizations should be mindful of to ensure effective use of information systems.