Directions All program learning outcomes must align with the mission statement


All program learning outcomes must align with the mission statement. This means you need a mission statement for this assignment.  Below are your options for selecting a mission statement for this assignment.


Options for mission statements:

Option #1: 

Use the sample mission statement provided below.

Option #2:

Use a mission statement you are familiar with (from your current or past work or from an agency you like such as the YMCA or Girls, Inc.)

Option #3:

 Craft your own mission statement that you intend to use for your final project. This is a good chance to test out your mission statement (and all of you will be developing a mission statement for your final project). This option is best for those of you who already have an idea for your program plan for Mod 7.


You will use the mission statement and program outcomes you develop in this assignment for the upcoming work in Mod 3 and 4 in creating a unit plan and materials/resources list.

If you do not have your program idea yet, do not panic. There is time to think about an idea.

No matter which option, please remember, outcomes must align with the mission.

IMPORTANT: If you choose option #2 or #3, you must supply the mission statement so I can check for alignment with the mission.

Refer to Bloom’s taxonomy for some good options for measurable verbs before you write your outcomes.

Avoid learn, understand, appreciate, comprehend as these are not measurable verbs.

Move on the next page for the assignment template.


Option #1:

 The SAMPLE Youth Development Program provides a wide variety of enrichment activities with the ultimate goal of giving youth the skills they need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives. The focus of all our programs is positive youth development through activities in literacy, healthy living, and citizenship. All our programs are accessible to all youth and celebrate multi-culturalism.


For options #2 or #3, list the mission statement here: To advance reading, math and science literacy, helping to close the achievement gap for children in the “at-risk” communities of St. Petersburg. We start with South St. Pete!

List your 10 program learning outcomes below:











The file is attached. I used option 2 the mission statement is provided. Must use verbs from Blooms taxanomy.


Files: Writing Program Learning Outcomes Activity _template OCt 2022.docx

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