Short Essay

Short Essay: Write a complete essay with an introduction and a claim, EVIDENCE in the way of examples from the readings, seen in class, and a conclusion. Please use ONLY material from this course. Everything you need is on the Blackboard site or at the library.  

CHOICE OF ONE of the following TWO questions

12 pts. Be sure to list CLEARLY which question you are answering.NOTE: YOU NEED TO WRITE ONLY ONE SHORT ESSAY.

Choose one of the following two questions and answer it:

1. What does writing on/about the body mean in terms of gender? Use course readings, mini-lectures, and videos to give examples in your answer. 

2. Discuss why cultures attach negative meanings to women’s bodily functions of breastfeeding and menstruation. What function does this negative meaning serve in culture? Use the readings and mini-lectures, and videos to formulate your answer.




Files: Simone de Beauvoir The Second Sex, Woman as Other 1949.pdf“Writing on the Body–Lecture #1.docx

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