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Grades Research: Why You Need it

Why You Need it When you don’t start off the semester with an A+ grade, your grades are bound to drop as the semester goes on. While it’s easy to get discouraged and stop working, don’t give up just yet! You can use grade research to improve your grades, scores, or both. With general knowledge […]

Tutoring Services to Improve Your Grades

Are you tired of failing your assignments? If so, you’re not alone – nearly all students are struggling with a variety of subjects, including math and writing. But don’t worry! Here at Gradetoppers we can help you improve your grades. All you need is to get in touch with us and one of our professionals […]


Choose a project that you would like to implement in a healthcare delivery environment.Introduce and describe your project with an introduction/thesisResearch and discuss the topic.Develop a plan to implement the knowledge found in the research including stages to fully implement the plan. Discuss how you would evaluate the project including background, analysis; and listing any […]

7-1 Discussion: Graffiti as Art Therapy?

Consider what you learned about art therapy in the beginning of this theme to answer the following question:Do you think graffiti could be considered a form of art therapy? Why or why not?Create a post at least one paragraph in length that addresses this question. Keep in mind that from a grading perspective, there is […]

HA515 Unit 3 Journal

Jack Elliott heads a key department at your hospital. Robert Corning heads another key department. Jack and Robert truly despise each other. Robert had an affair with Jack’s wife, resulting in a divorce from Jack, and Robert’s marriage to Jack’s former wife. During the course of the ending marriage, separation with attempts to reconcile, and […]

Healthcare Strategic Management Scientific Management vs Strategic Management

Scientific Management vs Strategic ManagementWrite a 2 page paper addressing the following elements in your paper:Explain the similarities and differences between Scientific Management and Strategic Management.Explain whether Strategic Management could have been developed without Scientific Management as its predecessor.Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one reference may be from the internet (not Wikipedia). […]

Anatomy and Physiology Revealed- Nervous

Please review the identified anatomy dissections, histology images, and animations for the Module 07-09 Anatomy and Physiology Revealed (APR): Nervous module. Download the attached document, which contains the identified anatomy dissections and histology images that you are required to learn for your Module 07-09 Anatomy and Physiology Revealed (APR): Nervous module.Once you have reviewed the identified anatomy […]

Complete the following numbered problems: 5.14&5.19

Complete the following numbered problems: 5.14 (on page 118), & 5.19 (on page 122 – 124) from textbook “Strategies for Creative Problem Solving”, using MS Word or equivalent. For problem 5.14, do a Duncker Diagram and the Statement-Restatement Technique. For problem 5.19, do a K.T. Problem Analysis. Write your answers to the following questions in […]

Stakeholder Presentation

For this assessment you will create an 8-12 slide PowerPoint presentation for one or more stakeholder or leadership groups to generate interest and buy-in for the plan proposal you developed for the third assessment.As a current or future nurse leader, you may be called upon to present to stakeholders and leadership about projects that you […]

Applied Behavioral Science – 2 discussion questions – DUE IN 8 HRS

Prepare: Prior to completing this week’s discussion, view the Punishing Parents: Who is Responsible for Delinquent Kids? video, review the School Violence Prevention: Tips for Parents & Educators web page, complete Chapter 7: Educational Psychology in your text, review any relevant Instructor Guidance, and interact with the Educational Psychology and Career Counseling learning objects located […]